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Bad Spot!

We often get frantic phone calls inquiring how to remove spots from the carpet.  Although each spot is different, there are always some basic things you can do.

Do it Now!

Don't Delay.  Many spots become permanent stains simply because they are not treated quickly.  Take a few minutes to treat a spot as soon as you see it.  Even it it has been there for a few hours it's still better to get to it without further delay.  Waiting may give the spot time to become a stain.

Pass The Spray & Grab a Spoon

Television ads have taught us to spray everything with a cleaning agent but that's not the first step we recommend.

First of all, remove as such of the spot with a spoon either with a scooping motion (fresh spots like spaghetti sauce or salsa) or a gentle scraping motion for dried on spots.  This will life the solid debris out of the carpet.  The spot will tend to migrate out from the center, so work from the edge of the spot to the middle to keep the spot from spreading.

Blot – Never, Never Rub

Mix approximately 2 cups of hot (the hotter the better) tap water and about 2 teaspoons of mild dish washing detergent.  Make sure it doesn't contain bleaching agents.  Then take a clean white towel and alternate treating the area with the water/detergent mixture and firm blotting.  It is important to blot and not rub the spot.  Rubbing will force the spill into the fibers and cause permanent damage.

When your blotting begins to yield less of the spot, place a fresh towel over the area and set something heavy (like a book) on top of the towel.  The towel is absorbent and will absorb the spot.  The weighted towel can be left on the area for anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.

When In Doubt Call An Expert

Of course you can always call us.  We're experts at removing spots.



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